1. I went to Assisi for a few days in October of 1995 and it was one of the rare places I truly felt the presence of what seemed to be the divine, all tucked up in that medieval city lost in the rolling clouds. (I’ll also never forget that long ago trip to Assisi as interrupting the village’s quiet splendor an entire town’s student populace had declared a sciopero (strike) and were marching and chanting in the streets!) Thank you for helping me remember both.

    1. Dear Jen,

      I went to Assisi for the first time last month, and spent hours sitting and marveling in the basilica and staring at Giotto’s paintings. St. Francis has been on my mind ever since. Yesterday (Oct. 4th) was his feast day, and there were churches in my Brooklyn neighborhood blessing the animals. It reminded me of this particular painting from Assisi, where he preaches to the birds. I’m glad it helped you to remember.


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