The Forgotten Waltz

Next Wednesday (Oct. 5th) I’ll be interviewing the Irish writer Anne Enright at Symphony Space. Best known for her Booker-Prize winning novel The Gathering, Enright is here in New York to launch her new book, The Forgotten Waltz. The Telegraph said of Enright’s work:

Hers is a style that glories in minutiae. She modulates so finely between comedy and pathos, between psychology and physicality, that she conveys a sense of the richness of lived experience, compared to which most other novelists appear to work in broad strokes. There are sentences in her work, whole passages even, that you want to mark up and learn off by heart for their warmth and humour, their sense of truth.

Actress Amy Ryan (Holly from NBC’s The Office) will be on stage with us to read an excerpt from the book. Go here for tickets!