Goodbye, Woody Creek

For the past few weeks I’ve been the writer in residence at the Aspen Writer’s Foundation. I’m so grateful to the crack-team who brought me out and took care of me while I was there, the board for their support of the program, the community of Woody Creek who was so warm and welcoming, and […]

Italian Spiderman

I’m a few years late to the Italian Spiderman party, but now that I’ve met him, I’m a fan. For more, I suggest watching Episode Three of his adventures, where he fights a crocodile and forces a chicken to lay a pack of cigarettes.

On Returning & Mysterious Notes

While I was off grid, I found this note pinned to a telephone pole on the side of a country road that led to the ocean. It was carefully covered in plastic against the weather, but the tacks were rusted and the ink had turned brown–the paper had been there for months, maybe a year. […]

Vending Machine Poetry

  I bought this poem out of a vending machine. A very cool vending machine operated by Toronto Poetry Vendors. The poem came wrapped up like a pack of cigarettes. I’d heard about someone doing this with short stories in London, but this was the first time I’d seen it State-side. First time reading Lindsay Tipping, too. Hope to see […]