Selected Shorts: Neighbors

Two great stories on this week’s Selected Shorts that shed an unsettling light on the neighbors: “Adults Alone,” by A.M. Homes, read by Christina Pickles and “The Knocking,” by David Means, read by our own Isaiah Sheffer. There’s also a bonus interview with A.M. Homes about “Adults Alone,” which was originally published in her amazing collection, The Safety of Objects, and later developed into her novel, Music for Torching. “Adults Alone” follows a suburban couple attempting to shake out of their domestic stupor by smoking crack, while “The Knocking” deals with a classic New York City phenomenon, the noisy upstairs neighbor. Listen on your local public radio station, or download it on podcast for free.


  1. Hello, this episode you’re describing is one of my favorites. After hearing the deeply sad news of Isaiah Sheffer’s passing, I have been thinking about his wonderful reading of “The Knocking”, and just tried to find a podcast of it without luck. Any ideas? I also emailed Thank you! I really appreciated your comment on the FB page too. All my best to you. – Erin

    1. Thanks for writing in, Erin. I’m sure the folks at symphony space will be able to help–they handle all the podcasts.

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