Into the Dark

I’ll be heading off grid for the next month or so. See you on the other side.

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  1. Thank you for all the teasers for upcoming shorts episodes. Enjoy the reading and writing and I look forward to your return, and along with it introductions to fantastic new authors – I’m currently loving my way through short story collections by Murakami and the newest from Etgar Keret, both of which I discovered thanks to you.
    While sending out stories that never seem to fit into the molds of just sci-fi, literary, or fantasy, it is always refreshing and inspiring to listen in on a place where the ‘weird’ stories all belong. Selected Shorts is like the island of misfit stories and I couldn’t love it any more.
    So i suppose this could have just said ‘Thanks for everything, have fun and hurry back’. Sorry, it’s late.

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