Off Grid

Hello folks: I’m off grid again, working on the new book. Feel free to keep sending in your questions about The Good Thief. I’ll answer when I get back in December.

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  1. Dear Hannah,

    I have most recently read your piece of literature the Good Theif. That was the first legitimate novel i’ve ever read in my life and i have to say that im spoiled from it. The story played out in my eyes like a play where i felt like applauding after every chapter. The characters were mysterious up till the ending climax and it felt like everything came together in the end in such a way which couldn’t have been better. I understand that you probably get alot of these such comments about your art but i just wanted to tell you that i admire your gift and i plan to expirence your literature troughout the many years of my life. Thank you for inspireing me through your inked words and i hope you the best of luck in your next upcomeing novels. Let me know what your working on next when you return. Cant wait to hear from you.

    Your Faithful Reader,
    Evan James Morier

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