Selected Shorts: From Russia With Love

There’s a bar on East 4th street in New York City called KGB. Long ago it used to be the headquarters for the communist party, but now it’s a performance space and on the 2nd floor there’s a smoky old room that hosts readings and is plastered with Soviet propaganda posters like this one, which translates roughly to: “Knowledge breaks the chain of slavery.” This week on Selected Shorts we’ve got three stories by Russian authors: “My First Goose,” by Isaac Babel, performed by Joe Morton. “The Father,” by Ludmilla Petrushevskaya, performed by Nina Arianda, and “Rothschild’s Fiddle,” by Anton Chekhov, performed by Denis O’Hare. Petrushevskaya is a great storyteller, and Babel and Chekhov know more about heartache than anyone else, so tune in to your local public radio station or download a free podcast of the show. And if you find yourself in New York City, stop by 85 East 4th street. You’re bound to find a Russian, or at least writer or two, drinking on the 2nd floor.