Selected Shorts: Don Quixote faces the Minotaur

"King of the Minotaurs" by Picasso

There is a saying that every man’s life is a labyrinth, and sooner or later they will have to face their minotaur. I was reminded of this when I first heard Stephen O’Connor’s “Ziggurat,” featured on this week’s edition of Selected Shorts. But first I thought, what the heck is a Ziggurat? Well, a Ziggurat is a kind of terraced pyramid built in ancient Mesopotamia. It’s also a video game, and like a character trapped between levels, the minotaur in O’Connor’s story spends his life wandering his labyrinth and eating people. Tune in to hear film & TV actor Nathan Corddry follow the minotaur as he falls in love and confronts his own hidden conflicts. Our second story, “Customer Service at the Karaoke Don Quixote” by Juan Martinez, continues in the vein of the surreal, following in the footsteps of Borges and Barthelme. A great voice-driven piece, it features a restaurant where the customers sing excerpts from classic literature. Tune in to hear an interview with Martinez, and a wonderful performance of the story by the one and only Tim Curry. To find Selected Shorts on your local public radio station, go here. To download or stream our free podcast, go here.