Selected Shorts: Moishe Nadir, Sholem Asch & Aimee Bender

This week on Selected Shorts, we’re featuring two Yiddish writers and the fabulist author Aimee Bender. “My First Love,” by Moishe Nadir (read by John Shea), is a beautiful love story set in a small Russian village. Sholem Asch’s “A Quiet Garden Spot” (read by Laura Esterman) explores the collective memory of family. “Job’s Jobs,” by Aimee Bender(read by Anjelica Huston) uses the biblical story of Job to explore the difficulties of writing. Listen to the show RIGHT NOW on our podcast, or go here to find your local time/station. Also, if you’ve been watching a lot of House lately, but still can’t get enough of Robert Sean Leonard, go here to get a FREE download of him reading Jonathan Lethem’s “The Spray,” just by signing up for the Selected Shorts Newsletter.