My Bright Midnight

RussellBRIGHT_sketch-1My good friend Josh Russell has just come out with a new book, My Bright Midnight, with LSU Press. I’ve been waiting for this novel for a long time, and once I got my hands on a copy IĀ could not put it down and finished it all in one day. It packs in romance, friendship, family and a dash of crime, all lovingly set against the colorful backdrop of New Orleans. But you don’t have to just take my word on it. Booklist said:

“Russell examines an ordinary person’s fall from grace followed by the possibility of future redemption. The violent climax, the straightforward, often lyrical prose, and the depiction of blue-collar lives will thrill.”

So on this 5th anniversary of Katrina, why not support a great small press in Baton Rouge, and get an amazing read to boot? You can order your copy here.