12 Lives named one of the Best Novels of the decade

Paste Magazine ranked The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley #32 out of the top 40 novels of the past decade:

“Nine years after her debut novel, The Good Thief, was published, Hannah Tinti released another masterpiece. The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley explores a captivating father-daughter relationship, weaving the pair’s saga through two narrative timelines. The first follows a young girl named Loo as she comes of age in a small Massachusetts town; the second reveals her father’s past through twelve stories chronicling the events that led to his twelve bullet wounds. Tinti’s narrative takes on a mythic quality with each bullet, nodding to the Twelve Labors of Hercules with hidden Easter eggs. The result is a mesmerizing literary thriller that counts down to the final gunshot.” —Frannie Jackson

The Quest for Authenticity: A Red Ink Conversation

Red Ink is a quarterly series curated and hosted by Michele Filgate at Books are Magic, focusing on women writers, past and present. The conversation “Authenticity” took place in April 2019 and featured Hannah Tinti, along with Mira Jacob (Good Talk), Jennifer Pastiloff (On Being Human), Deborah Landau (Soft Targets), Grace Talusan (The Body Papers), and moderator Michele Filgate.

“Storytelling is about letting other people into the room and bringing other people along with you. And to do that, you have to give all the details.”-Hannah Tinti

To read a complete transcript of the conversation, go here.

My First Skype

I did my first bookclub via Skype the other day, with a public library in Clyde, OH. Many thanks to librarian Jill McCullough for talking me through the technology, so that I could meet the bookclub face to face. They broadcast me onto the wall, which made the whole thing a little big-brother, but it also allowed us to have our picture taken (virtually) together. Huzzah!